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caterpillar infestations on cannabis

Problems with Caterpillars on Your Cannabis?

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Cannabis, like any other plant, benefits from the microbiome of insects and living things in the ground and flying about. However, not all insects and crawling things are beneficial for your cannabis. Caterpillars are among them. These crawling pests will gnaw on your cannabis like termites or woodpeckers. They may not kill the plant but they will surely interrupt or halt its growth spur.

While it’s a good idea to grow cannabis outside because of the sun, space, and the biodiversity, the presence of pests is a risk you have to consider. Caterpillars aren’t as damaging as aphids, spider mites, or whiteflies, indeed. However, they do some damage by themselves.

Caterpillars are larval moths and butterflies. Most are herbivorous, while a few varieties are carnivorous. Each caterpillar has five legs, twelve eyes, and they’re generally easy to identify. They’re also big enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Do caterpillars kill cannabis plants?

Cannabis growers don’t need to worry that much if they see one or two caterpillars crawling around. Those aren’t especially dangerous, though they can leave holes in your cannabis leaves. However, if a caterpillar infestation occurs, then you’ve got a real problem on your hands. They can kill your cannabis plants for good if you don’t do something about it.

Certain species of caterpillars prefer eating the stem, which would greatly damage the plant. Generally, you can spot caterpillar activity by the following signs:

  • Holes in cannabis leaves – these holes are irregular, both small and large.
  • Damage to the plant stem – some caterpillar species like to feast on the stem of the cannabis plant, and they penetrate through the tissue until they reach the insides of the plant.
  • Yellowed leaves – if the plant stem is damaged, then the cannabis plant won’t receive as much nutrition and water. If you see yellowed leaves, look below them for any signs of caterpillar activities.
  • Damaged flowers – unfortunately, caterpillars don’t know that cannabis flowers can be smoked. They’ll directly eat them. The phytochemicals inside the buds are delicious to them.
  • Stagnating flower – your cannabis plant will stop growing in size. Moreover, the yields will also be much lower than they’d be without caterpillars stunting their growth.

Now that you know how to spot caterpillars, it’s time to learn how to remove them from your garden! You can do so by manually removing each caterpillar you see and moving the away from your garden.

If you don’t have the time to hunt after caterpillars, why not get some hunters to do the job for you? Nature’s food chain tells you all you need to know. Get some parasitic or praying mantises in your garden, and they’ll dispose of any stray caterpillar. Praying mantises are extremely able hunters who stalk unseen, waiting for the next prey to unwittingly fall into their trap.

Alternatively, you can use a bacterial spray to poison and kill off your caterpillars. Moreover, these sprays won’t harm your cannabis plants. However, you shouldn’t use these sprays close to the flowering period.

caterpillar on cannabisIs there a way to prevent caterpillar infestations?

Like with any other insects, caterpillars have their own natural predator in the wilds. Preventing an infestation is much more efficient than getting rid of it once you notice it. In this sense, you can use one of the three ways below to prevent caterpillar infestations:

  • Neem oil – the best natural pesticide that you’ll ever use, neem oil contains specific phytochemicals that keep insects away. Especially harmful insects that like to chew on cannabis plants
  • Isolate your cannabis plants with improvised fences or fabrics! This way, the caterpillars won’t be able to reach the plants.
  • Use predatory insects to keep harmful caterpillars away. This will greatly minimize the risk of harmful insects coming and disturbing your cannabis plants.

One thing is clear by now – there are plenty of ways to get rid of caterpillars but also keep them at a distance. We recommend trying to keep them away because, at some point, they will turn into butterflies which will start pollinating your garden. They become beneficial insects after they transform, so don’t kill them off if you can

Of course, the health of your cannabis plants is still the most important thing. If there’s nothing else you can do, go ahead and bring some predatory insects in your garden or use a bacterial spray to kill the caterpillars. You have nothing to lose by being preventative and protecting your cannabis plants from a potential caterpillar infestation!

A Guide to Using CBD For Back Pain Relief

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Back pain is the single biggest cause of disability in the world and prevents people from working or even doing simple everyday tasks. Surveys suggest that between 50-80% of people will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. While there are many different treatments for back pain depending on the source, severity and nature of the pain, one treatment option that has been explored recently is CBD.

CBD is a naturally derived compound found in Cannabis Sativa, and early research into the effects of CBD on chronic and neurological pain show promising results for back pain relief applications. Find out how CBD may offer relief from back pain with our in-depth guide.

Causes of Back Pain

There are two different types of back pain. Back pain that occurs suddenly and lasts less than six weeks is known as acute back pain. Back pain that lasts longer than three months is known as chronic back pain. Studies into CBD oil for back pain have predominantly focused on chronic back pain. Some of the causes of back pain include:

  • Trauma
  • Muscle or ligament strains
  • Bulging or herniated intervertebral discs
  • Osteoarthritis

Symptoms of Back Pain

Most back pain improves with rest at home; however, if the symptoms of back pain persist, you may need to consult a healthcare practitioner and begin a course of treatment. Symptoms of back pain include:

  • Shooting pain in the neck, back, buttocks or knees
  • Muscular aches
  • Pain that worsens with activity such as bending and lifting

How CBD Affects Back Pain

CBD interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which helps the body to perform several regulatory functions as well as sensing pain. Research into the effects of CBD on back pain indicates that CBD works in several ways to alleviate pain.

  • Reduces Inflammation

Many chronic back pain conditions are the result of excess inflammation. CBD has been shown to inhibit the inflammatory response by interacting with the CB2 receptors found in the brain and immune system.

  • Interrupts Pain Signalling

One study suggested that CBD reduces glutamate levels in the central nervous system, which is responsible for sensing pain. Another study indicated that CBD enhances the activation of anandamide, a compound found in the brain that controls pain sensation and induces feelings of happiness and calm.

CBD Products for Pain Relief

CBD products potentially offer an effective alternative to opiate-based medications to treat back pain. Unlike many prescription painkillers, CBD is not addictive because it is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC (the compound that induced a “high”). There is a range of Canzon CBD products available on the market that may offer different methods of relief from back pain. Some of these products include:

  • CBD Oil

Canzon CBD oil is taken orally, usually via a dropper to control the dosage and has shown promising results for the treatment of back pain due to neuropathic causes and enhances overall wellness. The oil has good bioavailability and allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream to interact directly with the endocannabinoid system to address the cause of the pain internally.

  • CBD Creams

Unlike CBD oil which works internally to inhibit pain on a neurological level, Canzon CBD creams offer a potentially effective method for directly targeting the source of the pain. Canzon CBD cream contains 2-3% CBD as well as several other active ingredients that help the cream to glide smoothly onto the back to avoid exacerbating the pain and allow the CBD to penetrate to the source of the pain for effective relief.

Canzon CBD cream offers a potential solution to back pain due to muscular tension, nerve compression and inflammation. CBD creams may be combined with gentle massage techniques to enhance the effects.

Final Thoughts

Although the research into CBD and pain is not conclusive, many CBD users report significant reductions in pain sensation after using topical or oral CBD products. If you are experiencing back pain and are looking for an alternative treatment to pain medication, talk to your healthcare professional about Canzon CBD oil for back pain.

A guide to CBD Juul pods

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No vaporizer has made more of an impact over the past few years than the Juul. This compact, slender and ergonomic device is the ultimate portable vape and is successfully satiating the needs of millions of nicotine users. And now, CBD users can get in on the act with CBD Juul pods.

First thing’s first: Juul aren’t actually making their own CBD pods. But other brands are manufacturing compatible pods to work with the Juul. Here are a few important things to know about these legal, hemp-based CBD products.

Different types of CBD Juul pods

Some companies make disposable pods, which come with the CBD already infused into the cartridge. These are ideal for vapers who just want to vape, with no frills or maintenance to worry about. Simply attach these pods to the Juul device and vape away!

Also growing in popularity are refillable pods. These empty cartridges can be filled with any e-liquid of your choice. You may want to vape just one e-liquid or combine multiple vape juices for better flavor or to get a mixture of effects (e.g. nicotine and CBD). For really strong relief, try dissolving highly potent CBD concentrate crystals into the e-liquid.

Why use CBD Juul pods

Vaping CBD with the Juul is all about convenience, efficiency, and stealth. This diminutive device is perfect for taking hits on the go, and you’ll be able to go under the radar when out in public since you won’t be blowing the huge clouds that come from larger portable vaporizers. Moreover, the Juul is charged via USB – keep a portable charger to hand, and you’ll never run dry!

CBD from vapor is taken into the body via the inhalation route of administration. This is the fastest intake method for any CBD products. Essentially, any condition with sharp and acute symptoms is best remedied by vaping. This includes anxiety and panic attacks, neuropathic pain, and perhaps insomnia.

Staying safe with Juul pods

Vaping has been in the news a lot in 2019, and sadly not for the right reasons. Serious vaping illnesses and even deaths have been reported, but critically, this has been linked to illegal THC cartridges containing vitamin E acetate, an ingredient that isn’t appropriate for vaping.

Staying safe with CBD vaping products is actually pretty easy, despite the industry being unregulated. Legitimate companies are fully transparent about their manufacturing processes, get their products tested by independent laboratories and then publish these reports for everyone to read. This third-party verification is vital, as it confirms products don’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients.

Final thoughts

The Juul has revolutionized nicotine vaping, and now CBD vapers can get on board, even though Juul themselves aren’t yet in the business of making CBD e-liquids.

The development of compatible CBD Juul pods shows the entrepreneurship of CBD businesses, which is no surprise in such a competitive industry. If you love the Juul and you love CBD, it’s simply a no-brainer to experiment with these pods.

Austin Residents Are Using CBD Oil to Treat Illnesses Large and Small

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MINERAL is an Austin-based company that has gained enormous traction over the course of the past two years. This wellness company has thrived under the leadership of entrepreneur Matthew Miller.

Remarkably, MINERAL opened a cannabis community center that is making Austin a better place. More than a shop, this center is a gathering place for people who are interested in cannabis. After a difficult experience with food poisoning alpaca stew, Miller decided to look beyond the limits of traditional Western medicine. Because his CBD products are made with fragrant terpenes, Miller prefers to call his store a cannabis perfumery.

Many people have heard of the benefits that can come from using cannabis for health purposes. However, not everyone realizes that you can access these benefits without experiencing the intoxication associated with cannabis use. MINERAL is a company that is doing much to help people with genuine health problems. By providing CBD oil in Austin, MINERAL is doing its part to help people with serious disadvantages.

Increasingly, people are sick and tired of using medications with severe side effects. For too long, Big Pharma has pushed poorly tested medications on the public. Many of these medicines are recalled after negatively affecting patient health. Although the FDA purports to keep Big Pharma honest, it has failed the public on more than a few occasions. Far too many prescription medicines are unreliable substances with highly speculative properties. In stark contrast, hemp has a long history of medicinal use. Human beings were using hemp medicinally thousands of years ago.

This is an era of greater appreciation for fully organic medicines. At this time, CBD is rapidly becoming the preferred herbal remedy for people who prefer all-natural health solutions. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp derivative with no psychoactive effects or long-term negative effects. People who use CBD can realize genuine health benefits without feeling dizzy, disoriented, or exhausted.

CBD oil generally doesn’t have the harsh flavor associated with pharmaceutical medications. There are no aluminum or ammonia particles in the CBD products one can purchase from well-respected dealers. Additionally, CBD oil does not typically contain phosphorus, chlorophyll, or phenolic compounds. Many companies that sell CBD are currently noticing a noticeable uptick in sales. These days, companies that specialize in CBD can expect to see profit margins that are larger than one might normally expect.

Quite a few organic medicine advocates are working to alleviate some of the worry and confusion surrounding CBD oil. MINERAL is an outstanding Texas company helping people get quality CBD oil to help with chronic illness. The growing interest in CBD oil is a testament to the remarkable tenor of these times. During these enlightened times, ordinary people are eager to seek out more natural cures for serious illnesses.

By this time, the positive effects of CBD oil are apparent to all and sundry. It is fortunate that so many people are going to bat to celebrate this remarkable remedy. Advocates of CBD oil have a lot of reasons to be hopeful. CBD oil studies continue to appear in mainstream medical journals. CBD oil may hold promise for treating children who suffer from autism. Studies show that CBD oil can even serve as an effective first line of treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Different Types of CDB Products and Their Uses

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CBD is known for providing relief from addiction, pain, PTSD, and even schizophrenia among other uses. As more states continue to legalize Cannabis sativa products, CBD products continue to gain popularity. However, you may be confused as to the legality, the different types of CBD products on the market and the various uses of CBD. This guide is designed to help you understand the types of CBD products and their applications.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active components found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another active cannabinoid well-known for its psychoactive effects. THC makes you high. CBD is nonpsychoactive, but still has the benefits of THC. For this reason, CBD products allow you to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of the Cannabis sativa plant, without getting you “stoned.”

Different types of CBD products in the market are created using CBD extract or isolate. The uses of CBD products vary depending on the type. They include beauty products, oil-based capsules, concentrates, capsules, edibles, tinctures, and many more.

CBD extract is an oily substance that contains cannabis plant materials such as cannabinoids, terpenoids, and fatty acids. The extract is used as an ingredient in other products but is also available as a standalone product. When sold alone, the extract comes with a syringe or container to help you measure the dosage. A high-quality extract will preserve the full range of components found in the cannabis plant and is called a full-spectrum.

CBD isolate, on the other hand, is purely isolated cannabidiol (CBD). The isolate comes in a powder or slab form and is less effective than full or broad-spectrum extracts. Users that prefer the CBD isolate use it as an additive to increase CBD potency. The isolate also prevents drug testing issues since it contains no THC.

What Are the Different Types of CBD Products?

1.Beauty Products

CBD is used in beauty products to reduce inflammation, aches, and provide relaxation. Beauty products include:

  • Bath soaps
  • Beard oil
  • Cleansers
  • Lip balms
  • Masks
  • Moisturizing creams, gels, and lotions.
  • Serums
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Toners

2.Oil-Based Capsules

CBD-capsules are pills taken as supplements. They are available as two-piece capsules or soft gels. The contents of the pills will vary from liquid to powder. Aside from the two major components- CBD extract or isolate and an oil carrier, some capsules will also contain additional supplements. The advantages of CBD capsules are:

  • Accurate dosing
  • Discreet
  • Ease of intake
  • Long-lasting effects
  • No ‘marijuana’ taste

When consumed orally, pills pass by the liver, which reduces the concentration absorbed into the bloodstream. Ingestion reduces bioavailability, which means that the dosage recommendation for oil-based capsules is higher than other means of intake. Despite this downside, the effects are long-lasting.


CBD concentrates are highly potent extracts of the hemp plant. The in various types depending on their usage.

  • Crumble is a moist concentrate that crumbles into pieces.
  • Shatter is a combination of terpenes infused into isolate slabs.
  • Wax refers to CBD concentrates that have a wax-like structure.
  • Terpsolate is an infusion of terpene and isolate powder.

Concentrates can be added to flowers, smoked, or dabbed using a wax ring or a wax pen vaporizer. Inhaling CBD is one of the most bioavailable methods, with effects starting in two minutes sometimes, and lasting for up to three hours.


As earlier stated, CBD does not mix with water and requires an oil base. However, recent extraction technologies have created water-soluble CBD that remains in a stable form. The types of drinks available in the market include energy drinks, powdered drink mixes, and bottled CBD water.


Edibles are a fun way to ingest CBD. Whether its gummy bears, suckers, cookies, chocolate or brownies, you cannot run out of delicious options to ingest CBD.

The effectiveness will vary depending on several factors. First, the edibles will pass through the liver, which reduces their bioavailability. For easier absorption into the bloodstream, edibles should contain fats or oils. Second, most edibles contain CBD isolate, which lacks the entourage effect of the full spectrum extracts.

6.Tinctures/ CBD Oils

Oil-based tinctures are tiny liquid products that are ingested sublingually by being placed under the tongue. Usually, the tiny liquid comes with a dropper that you use to place the product under your tongue. Tinctures are a mixture of a CBD extract or isolate, a carrier oil, and additives such as terpene or sweeteners.


These are products that you apply on the skin to enjoy CBD. They include massage oils, balms, salves, and bath bombs, and are applied to an affected area to reduce soreness or irritation. Topicals are ideal if you have muscle soreness and skin conditions.

8.Transdermal Patches

Just as topicals, transdermal patches are an effective way to enjoy CBD through the skin. Patches are an ideal solution if you struggle with chronic pain. They provide better relief than topical because they last longer on the skin and release the cannabinoids slowly into the body.

9.Vape Products

Vaping CBD is similar to vaping any other product. In this method, you inhale CBD through a vape pen which increases the bioavailability. If you prefer to vape, you can purchase a disposable vape pen that comes with an inserted CBD vape oil.

Alternatively, you can purchase vape cartridges that you can attach to your battery and start vaping. There are both disposable and refillable cartridges available on the market. Lastly, you can buy a vape juice or e-juice which you can use to refill your cartridges. The e-juice usually comes in a variety of flavors which you can choose from.

10.Water Soluble CBD Products

Despite CBD being a hydrophobic compound, advancements in technology have made it possible for companies to produce water-soluble CBD products into the market. The products include water-based capsules which are five times more effective than oil-based pills. They have higher bioavailability and are therefore more suitable for ingestion.

You can also purchase water-based hemp powder that you can add to different foods and drinks. It is one of the most versatile CBD products on the market. Lastly, you can go for water-soluble tinctures, which also solve the bioavailability problems of oil-based tinctures.

The Ultimate Wholesale CBD Buyers Guide

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If you would like to find out more about our wholesale CBD solutions, please fill in this form.

The hype and growing popularity of cannabidiol products all around the world are attracting not only new customers but also entrepreneurs and business owners who want to secure a strong position in the market. While establishing your own CBD company from scratch is an option, this often involves significant initial investments in machinery, as well as hiring experienced teams for research and development.

An alternative for entrepreneurs who want to participate in the CBD business without facing the high barriers of entry is to partner with quality CBD wholesalers that can supply personalised products to suit their brand. While this option is used by many large and small brands, there are a few considerations that must be taken into account before purchasing from any bulk CBD producer.

Why Should I Buy from CBD Wholesalers?

Unless you have a significant amount of money and are willing to invest it in hiring CBD experts and buying advanced equipment to manufacture cannabidiol products from scratch, wholesale manufacturers are the best way to start a CBD brand nowadays.

While some might think that all the buyers from a single wholesale CBD producer are selling the same products, the fact is that most of these large manufacturers customize their items to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Buying CBD products in bulk allows you to benefit from the economies of scale right from the beginning; due to their large volume of orders, wholesale manufacturers can offer their products at competitive prices. This allows brands to focus on other areas of the business and make profits from the beginning.

When looking for CBD suppliers to help you start or grow your brand, these are the elements that must be taken into consideration:

Which Kind of Product you Would Like to Sell

While some of the largest wholesale CBD manufacturers produce isolates, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products, others focus on a single type of cannabidiol extracts. At this point, you must have determined which kinds of products your brand would like to offer, so finding a wholesale supplier that is able to deliver them is the first step of the process.

Apart from the type of extracts, you must also know which administration methods your brand is targeting. These include, but are not limited to:

  • CBD Edibles
  • Vape Liquids
  • Sublingual Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Adhesives
  • Capsules

Communication and Availability of Suppliers

After shortlisting some of the wholesale CBD suppliers that manufacture the products you would like to sell, it is time to discard those that fail to answer your questions and keep a timely communication. Your products’ supplier will become one of the main pillars of your brand, so having open communication channels and testing their availability is crucial to ensure a successful collaboration.

Remember that your brand will become the public face of any product you are selling, so you are entitled to receive detailed information from your wholesale supplier regarding their quality standards, extraction methods and any other product-related enquiries.

Third-Party Laboratory Tests

While the websites and information sites of wholesale CBD manufacturers will always try to sell their products and explain their superior quality, the only way these statements can be proved is through independent, third-party laboratory tests on each batch. If you are planning to buy the products of any supplier, make sure that they can provide you with third-party lab test results so you can be assured of their quality and consistency.

Once your brand starts getting new customers and your products reach the market, you want to make sure you can provide reliable information on their quality. Once again, remember that you are the public face of each product, and your final customers will usually never know that you work with wholesale CBD manufacturers.

 Good Manufacturing Practices

Apart from having access to the results of third-party laboratory tests, any CBD brand wanting to buy products from wholesale manufacturers must ensure that these are GMP-certified and comply with the highest quality standards in their manufacturing processes and facilities.

Although hemp products and CBD are still largely unregulated and there are no official FDA regulations to consistently evaluate their quality and effectiveness, ensuring that your suppliers comply with GMP standards and provide positive third-party lab results are two steps you can take to ensure the quality of the products you are selling.

Order Processing Times and Requirements

For your CBD brand to have satisfied customers, you must be able to deliver each order in a timely way. For this, it is vital to ensure that your wholesale supplier can also be trusted and is able to provide its products in a reasonable timeframe.

Furthermore, before choosing any wholesale CBD supplier for your brand, you must ask about their minimum order requirements and any price reduction scheme that could be put in place for more significant order numbers.

Testimonies and Previous Customers

Just as with any other business, shopping around for well-known suppliers with extensive experience and a broad portfolio of satisfied customers is a crucial step to ensure a positive collaboration and have quality guarantees.

While CBD brands are usually reluctant to publicly acknowledge their collaborations with wholesale manufacturers, when looking for CBD suppliers it is useful to ask some details of their previous and current work with any recognised brands in the market.

Flexibility and Custom Products

While your wholesale CBD supplier will undoubtedly be working with other brands, you want to have a unique offer for your customers. Therefore, it is essential to choose manufacturers that can offer customized products that go in line with your brand´s approach to the market.

The flexibility of wholesale CBD manufacturers often depends on the order volume that you are planning to generate for them. Make sure to understand their specific requirements and have a clear idea of the types of products you want to offer to your final customers.

If you want your brand to have a vast number of different products, such as vape cartridges, pure CBD tinctures, soaps and edibles, you might need to contact more than one manufacturer as some are focused on either a single product or a limited range of items.

Get Samples and Verify Their Quality

Choosing a wholesale manufacturer for your CBD brand is no small thing; your customers’ satisfaction and therefore, the reputation of your business largely depends on their ability to produce useful products. Before signing any agreement or placing bulk orders from a wholesale supplier, ask for a sample of their products.

Working with new brands is a priority for any wholesale CBD manufacturer, so most of them are willing to provide free samples of their products to interested brands. Once you receive them, test them and ask yourself if they provide exactly what your brand intends to represent. In case you are not entirely satisfied, feel free to ask for any reasonable changes until you get a product that meets your expectations.

While Label Manufacturing

Although most wholesale CBD manufacturers are white label producers, others try to promote their brand through labelling. The most critical element to consider is whether the products comply with the relevant CBD-related legislation, as some jurisdictions do not allow any specific health claims or visual references to hemp plants.

If you want your brand to deliver CBD products in a timely way to its final customers, it is crucial to ensure that they comply with the law at each step of the process. If your wholesale manufacturer is in a different jurisdiction than your brand, you might need to do some research on the applicable CBD laws.

Enjoy Organic Cannabis Oil At Lowell Cafe

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Organic farming is a method for growing cannabis and other plants without using any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Becoming certified as an “organic” farm by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a rigorous process. Only after passing through the process where the products are tested and the farm is inspected, can one gain USDA approval as organic. Then, the products can be labeled with the USDA Certified Organic Seal.

Organic Confusion

There is plenty of confusion in the marketplace about what it truly means to be organic. This is because the term is applied very differently in chemistry than in agriculture. This is also because shady marketers like to exploit the confusion and pretend that their products are the same as organic, when in fact they are not.

Organic Chemistry

In chemistry, organic simply means a compound contains carbon. Under that definition, petroleum is an organic compound because it is chocked full of carbon. When we burn oil or gas, we pollute the air. One substance that is increasing the problems with global warming is the CO2 in the emissions.

CO2 is carbon dioxide. CO2 is made up of one molecule of carbon and two molecules of oxygen. Under the definition of organic chemistry, CO2 is an organic compound.

This is understandable because plants need CO2 to live so in a way CO2 is very helpful. It is only when the balance of gases in our atmosphere is a mixture that retains so much heat to create too much of the “greenhouse effect” that we have such a global problem with climate change.

Organic Farming

In agriculture, organic means something very different than in chemistry. Many chemical fertilizers are derived from petroleum. Those chemical fertilizers cannot be used in organic farming.

Instead, organic farmers use natural fertilizers like manure and compost. It is desirable for an organic farmer to go “bat shit” crazy just a little because bat manure (guano), collected from the large caves where bats live, makes an excellent fertilizer. Natural compost makes a good fertilizer as well because as plants and other organic materials decay, they release nutrients that fertilize the soil.

If you think about it, vast forests grow up spontaneously in areas where the soil is naturally fertile. Nobody has to go out and use any fertilizers to make trees grow in these forests. The biodiversity of a robust forest takes care of itself if left alone and not harmed by fires.

Organic farming also means no use of chemical herbicides, like the potentially cancer-causing Roundup® made by Bayer-Monsanto and no use of chemical pesticides. After all, who wants those toxins in their lovely cannabis products? Nobody, who has any sense wants them.

All-Natural is Not the Same as Organic

One mischievous way marketers try to confuse consumers is by labeling their products as “all-natural.” They are hoping to benefit from the confusion that natural and organic are the same thing, which they are not.

Petroleum is natural. It comes from the ground. Arsenic is natural. It is found in almonds and it is a deadly poison. Just because something is labeled natural, does not necessarily mean it is safe.

Look for certified organic products instead, like organic cannabis oil from Lowell Farms.

Lowell Farms

Since 1909, when William “Bull” Lowell starting growing hemp on his farm located on the central coast of California, organic methods have been used to make organic hemp products and organic cannabis oil.

Bull Lowell was as stubborn as a bull. When they made growing hemp illegal in 1913, he continued to grow it and went to jail for it. Now, the prohibition is finally over. The tradition of enjoying cannabis once again lives on in his memory.

Eat, Smoke, Smile

Lowell Farms grows some of the finest cannabis buds in the world. Lowell Farms is certified organic. The farm sells many cannabis products online, including wonderful organic cannabis oil, which you can order for delivery.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you can enjoy organic cannabis products at the brand-new Lowell Café in West Hollywood. Have a meal, a cup of coffee, a cool drink, and a nice cannabis vape or a hand-rolled blunt. Relax with friends while you explain your new “organic” knowledge.

Drop-in or call 323.975.7676 for table reservations or use the convenient online reservation form.

Wake Up Feeling Rested Thanks to CBD Sleep Solutions from MINERAL

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CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant that is becoming mainstream for those seeking alternative treatments for everything from anxiety to epilepsy. Cannabis products that are sold for their CBD content, either as a CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD, vary in one very important way from the typical marijuana that people use recreationally: it lacks THC (in any significant amount). THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound in the cannabis plant that is responsible for the feelings of euphoria that most people refer to as a “high.” For this reason, CBD products won’t get you high; they’ll only provide the relaxing and calming effects of cannabis.

Supplements for Sleep: CBD vs. THC vs. Melatonin

CBD also has the potential to help those with various sleep disorders, from insomnia to sleep apnea. It’s pretty well known that smoking or consuming certain strains of THC-containing marijuana can make you sleepy. Many users even swear by it for help with insomnia. However, studies show that THC acts a lot like alcohol; while it often helps users fall asleep quickly, it negatively affects the quality of their sleep. So, even though THC may help someone get more sleep, they wake up feeling groggy and unrested.

When researchers studied the effects of CBD on sleep, they found that CBD has a different effect. Not only does the compound help people fall asleep, but it also improves the quality of sleep, allowing people to more easily enter into states of deep, restful sleep.

Many people have found better sleep results with CBD than with other natural supplements like melatonin or magnesium. There’s a pretty simple reason behind this: the mechanism is completely different. Let’s use melatonin as an example. Your brain naturally releases melatonin when the sun sets, and that increase in melatonin signals to your body and mind that it’s time to rest. Melatonin supplements increase the amount of melatonin in the body, which helps people with sleep problems transition into that restful mindset. There are many theories about why CBD helps with sleep, and there are probably many reasons behind it, such as the potential for CBD to affect sleep-wake cycles. However, many experts believe that CBD works so well for sleep in comparison to other options because it works to treat the underlying symptoms of stress, anxiety, and pain that are often the culprits behind sleep issues.

MINERAL’s CBD Sleep Products

MINERAL, a CBD company in Austin, Texas, makes various full-spectrum CBD products available to customers. The company has a product called SLEEP that is specifically formulated to help users improve their sleep. It’s even beneficial for people without specific sleep disorders because everyone can benefit from improved sleep. According to MINERAL’s website, SLEEP was formulated specifically “for those suffering from nighttime anxiety and inflammation” and “is a blend of calming cannabinoids and terpenes associated with sedation to induce a deep, restorative sleep.”

MINERAL’s CBD SLEEP formula is available in two sizes, and you can buy it either online or at its new brick-and-mortar store in Austin, Texas. While you’re there, be sure to check out the company’s NIGHT + DAY kit, which includes SLEEP and another product called BALANCE, which is intended to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety during the day. If anxious thoughts are the culprit behind your sleep issues, this pack of two products will keep you stress-free both all night and throughout the day.


Why Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is More Effective than Pure CBD

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In the world of cannabinoid tinctures and hemp oils, the concepts of “full spectrum” and “isolates” are commonly used to identify and differentiate the characteristics of each product. Although hemp extracts have been used for centuries by many civilizations from all around the world, the necessary scientific research to understand the individual components of the plant began relatively recently.

While some customers prefer to consume only CBD isolates, most are looking for the maximum efficiency and the “entourage effect” that happens when all the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant work together to potentiate each other’s effects.

CBD Isolates: Pure Cannabidiol

For people who do not want to consume any other cannabinoids or terpenes, CBD isolates are the best option. Customers who must undergo drug tests and are worried of having even the smallest concentrations of THC in their blood are commonly advised to opt for cannabidiol isolates as they are the only hemp-derived substances that can be extracted without leaving even minimal traces of tetrahydrocannabidiol.

Another common reason for CBD consumers to choose isolates instead of broad spectrum or full spectrum hemp oil is an allergy to one of the natural components of the plant. Pure cannabidiol does not cause any secondary effects and is safe for customers who might have undesired reactions to cannabigerol, tetrahydrocannabidiol or any other non-CBD substance.

Finally, cannabidiol isolates are completely tasteless and odorless. Full spectrum CBD tinctures generally have a strong and earthy taste which is not liked by many users. While some carrier oils can improve their taste, some customers simply prefer to go for a completely tasteless alternative.

Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD: All the Natural Benefits of Hemp

Customers who want to enjoy the entire range of beneficial properties associated with hemp and can tolerate minimal concentrations of THC (always below the legal limit applicable in their particular area) are recommended to buy CBD oil labeled as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum.

The main argument in favor of full spectrum hemp oil is that of the entourage effect, which is currently being studied by scientists from all around the world and appears to happen when many cannabinoids present in the hemp plant work together and make each other’s effects stronger.

Although the entourage effect is also believed to reduce the psychoactive effects of a CBD extract, it is nearly impossible to extract full-spectrum tinctures without leaving at least minimal traces of tetrahydrocannabidiol present. In the United States, the legal limit for THC concentrations is 0.3%, while countries such as Switzerland are less strict and have a 1% threshold in place.

Full spectrum CBD tinctures are certainly more effective when it comes to both pain relief and conditions related to stress and anxiety. Whether you are a beginner or a regular cannabidiol consumer, it is recommended to try the full range of benefits of hemp unless there is a particular reason for which you cannot take anything apart from cannabidiol.

3 Pet Health Problems CBD Can Help With

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While most CBD researches and tests are designed to treat human conditions, scientists have discovered that cannabidiol can be just as effective in dogs, cats and other house pets. All mammals have endocannabinoid systems which can fall out of balance causing pain, inflammation and other undesirable effects. Just as for humans, CBD is now available in tinctures and topicals, but also in delicious treats for your four-legged friend.

Cannabidiol’s effectiveness comes from its ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream and interact with CB2 receptors in the brain to regulate the activity of the immune system. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory which can be used to treat both localized injuries and chronic conditions. In the case of pets, it is particularly useful to treat the following three conditions:

1)    Joint Pains and Sore Muscles

Just as humans, pets can suffer from a slow degeneration of their joints as they get older, causing chronic pain and limiting their ability to move freely. Whether they are caused by a chronic condition such as arthritis or an injury, joint pains and sore muscles can be treated with cannabidiol products.

Although it is true that sublingual tinctures are the most effective due to their high bioavailability and easy absorption, it might not be easy for pet owners to administer it to their dogs or cats. If you are trying to learn more about how CBD oil can help your pet, it is also useful to have an idea of the alternative consumption methods for them. Cannabidiol-infused treats and lotions might be the best alternative to sublingual administration.

2)    Seizures

Seizures in dogs and cats are one of the most common reasons for a visit to the veterinary. While there are many causes leading to them, idiopathic epilepsy is the main one. While the exact causes of this disorder are not fully understood yet, it is known that it is caused by an abnormal activity within the motor cortex of the brain.

Watching your dog or cat suffer from a seizure can be a frightening experience. While veterinarians can recommend a wide range of pharmaceutical products, many of them cannot be consumed for a long time due to the severity of their secondary effects. Furthermore, some types of epileptic disorders are simply immune to the available drugs, making the need for a natural and effective alternative even more pressing.

Once CBD is absorbed into your pet’s circulatory system, it is able to travel to their brain and begin interacting with its cannabinoid receptors. Once the endocannabinoid system is in balance, the activity in the motor cortex of the brain is normalized.

3)    Stress and Anxiety

While it might be surprising to know, the fact is that dogs and cats suffer from stress and anxiety as much as we humans do. Whether you are about to take your pet on a long road trip or you will have visits at home and would like your dog or cat to feel less anxious about them, cannabidiol might be the perfect solution. CBD’s ability to interact with the CB2 receptors in the brain can relieve anxiety and help your four-legged friend feel a natural sense of calm and relaxation.

If you are looking for the best way to provide the benefits of cannabidiol to your dog or cat, it is recommended that you do some research and try to search for organic CBD oil for pets. Companies using clean growth and extraction methods are able to produce high-quality extracts which maintain all the natural properties of cannabidiol and other naturally-occurring components present in the hemp plant.


Kind Pen Vaporizers

The Kind Pen Vaporizers

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The Kind Pen, a vape company based in New Jersey, has fast risen to become one of the most trusted brands in the world in regards to all things vaporizers. This is probably because the vaporizers manufactured by the company are innovative and use cutting edge delivery systems that are affordable. The products are not only alternatives for crude resin-filled pipes and bongs but also have a perfect balance of potency with discreet portability. Moreover, The Kind Pen provides the lifetime warranty for most of their vaporizers. It only takes five clicks and a deep breath for you to experience a whole new world.

The Kind Pen Products

  • Concentrate vape pens

Kind manufactures concentrate vape pens that range from $29 to $159 depending on the design and set up of the concentrate vapes. The concentrate vape pens can be used for either shatter, crumble, budder or wax. These concentrate vape pens have a number of benefits:

  • They provide increased potency. Concentrates have more active ingredients packed in a smaller amount that is used for vaping making them very powerful. 
  • They provide different flavors and consistency which beats dry herb vaping. You can even switch out of the flavors
  • They are quick and discreet. Wax pens produce inconspicuous, though not totally, vapor which does not stick on your clothes or cause your house to smell up.
  • They have a larger capacity battery and low battery consumption
  • They use clear atomizers or tanks which can be refilled instead of using one-off cartomizers
  • They are cost efficient since they can be used with cheap vape juice
  • They give You have the ability to regulate voltage and temperature to improve the overall vaping experience
  • They are very accessible and affordable

The Kind Pen concentrate vape pens include dab vaporizer pens and wax vaporizer pens. These pens are pretty much the same but the difference arises in the type of atomizer one chooses to use.

Some of the concentrate vapes sold by The Kind Pen include:

  • The Storm concentrate vapes available in green, silver, blue, gray, and black. They retail at $159.99
  • The v3 concentrate vapes available in blue, white, red, black, and silver which retail ate $99.99
  • The Dream concentrate vapes available in white/gold, black/gold, rose/gold, gold, silver, and gunmetal black which retail at $99.99
  • The v2 vapes available in blue, red, green, gray which retail at $59.99
  • Bullet vapes available in blue, red, gray, green, black, and white which retail at $49.99
  • v2.w vapes available in blue, red, green, white, gray, and black which retail at $39.99
  • Slim premium vapes available in gunmetal black, silver, blue, red, gray, and green which retail at $24.99
  • E-Liquid

The Kind Pen produces a number of e-liquids for vaping which vary in price. E-liquids of vape juices are made of 4 ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. The flavorings give different e-juices their distinct taste and smell. They vary from orange and chocolate to more exotic flavorings.

The most part of the e-liquid is made up of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which are odorless and tasteless liquids and are used as suspension liquids for nicotine and flavorings. Some of the e-liquids from The Kind Pen include:

  • Pure- E-liquids 
  • Mist- E-Liquids 
  • v2- Ground Material- E-Liquids
  • Discreet –E-Liquids
  • Ground material combustion

These include dry herb combustion starter kits where some vape pens can be used with waxy concentrates and liquids. The dry herb combustion starter kits come with everything you need for herbal and flower blends on the go.

The dry herb combustion starter kits available on include:

  • v2 kit available in blue, red, green, gray, black, white and retails at $59.99
  • EZ pipe kit available in yellow, mint green, green, gray, purple, pink, white, red, blue, black/silver and black which retail at $9.99
  • Ground material convection

These include types of dry herb vaporizers. Dry herb vaporizers eliminate combustion in that herbs are rapidly heated to a point where they release all their flavors and compounds 

Some of the ground material convection vaporizers available at include:

  • The TruVa dry herb vaporizers which is available in black and retails for $139.99
  • The Status vaporizer in black which retails at $119.99
  • The v3 vaporizer which is available in blue, white, red, black, silver and Orion and retails at $79.99
  • Oils and oil vaporizers

Oils and concentrates are good for vaporizing and it does not have to be marijuana-based oils. People can actually vape on essential oils since they have therapeutic and calming effects. Nevertheless, most of The Kind Pen oil vape pens are made for hemp and CBD oil in mind because these oils are used for medical purposes in some countries and states in the US, therefore, patients can legally acquire them for pain relief.

The Kind Pen oil vaporizers are made of three parts: the battery, tank and the mouthpiece. You place the oil in the tank which has a heating element made from a coil of various types. The coils heat up and then evaporates the oil in the tank.

You use the mouthpiece to draw vapor from the tank to your lungs. Mouthpieces come in various designs.

There are 3 different kinds of oil vaporizers:

  1. The ciga-like oil vaporizers: they look like cigarettes and have a small battery with a cartridge that contains the oil
  2. The vape pens or portable vaporizers: they are small, discreet and powerful
  3. Desktop oil vaporizers: they are big, bulky and less convenient

The different oil vaporizers sold by The Kind Pen include:

  • Pure  vaporizers which are available in green, blue, gray, white, and black and only retails for $49
  • Discreet oil vaporizers which are available in green, black, gray, blue, silver, and gold and retails at $39
  • Slim Oil Premium vaporizers available in gold, blue, gray, red, green, black, white and silver retailing at $29.99 and $19.99.
  • Dream vaporizers which were awarded the best vaporizer by HT magazine
  • Mist oil vaporizers available in green, black, gray, white, blue, and red which retail at $29.99

The Kind Pen is the one stop shop for everything vaporizers, vapes, and vaping-related products. Their products are of high quality to give you the best vaping experience.

Scandinavian CDB

Why Should You Choose Scandinavian CDB

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Cannabis tends to be a complex plant that grows in various parts of the world. Actually, cannabis may be grown in almost any climate and a lot of people are growing it through indoor hydroponic technology. The cannabis plant gives birth to various cannabinoids with the most popular ones being cannabidiol or CBD, and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD has various benefits for various illnesses and conditions will THC is the culprit that gives the high effects.

There are different cannabis strains available and all of them have different characteristics depending on the extraction method. Cannabis is usually consumed in three different forms which are hashish, marijuana and hash oil. Marijuana is usually made from the dried flowers of the cannabis plant while hashish is made from the resin that is secreted by the plant. Hash oil is the most potent of the three and is usually made from hashish. All three products can be smoked.

There are two types of cannabis plants which are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The difference is in the physical characteristics. Cannabis indica is shorts with broad dark leaves with a very high concentration of cannabidiol. The sativa plants on the other hand have a higher concentration of THC. The sativa plant is taller with pale green leaves and is more used for recreational and not medicinal purposes.

Is cannabis legal in Scandinavia?

The legality of this is the for recreational or medicinal use depends highly on country-to-country. it is illegal in most countries and possession can lead to punishment by law. It is legal to grow in certain countries and it produces some of the best Scandinavian CBD in the world. Marijuana is completely forbidden and Sweden for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Very few people are allowed to use it to be necessary for the medical conditions. However, companies like The Apoteum Company have high quality Scandinavian CBD products.

Why would such an incredible not be legalized?

For the simple fact that it was erroneously confused with marijuana. Hemp and marijuana come from the same genus family and they’re quite similar in a lot of ways. However, the major difference between the mess that marijuana contains a higher concentration of THC while hemp contains very little of it. THC is the intoxicant found in marijuana. Most policymakers believed that if they legalized hemp they would be legalizing marijuana as well.

Marijuana and industrial hemp are two different breeds of the cannabis sativa because hemp does not contain any recreational drug components. If a person smokes the hemp flower, the only thing they would achieve is a significant headache but not exactly a high euphoric feeling.

What effects can you expect from CBD?

Again, this will highly depend on you as a person and the condition you’re treating. Overall, most people get a calm and relaxing effect. Some people may experience a few side effects such as fatigue and insomnia. However, most people don’t experience these side effects.

Look for CO2 extracted products

The extraction method of the CBD is also very important and CO2 is the best because it is non-toxic. The alternatives are ethanol-based and butane-based extractions. Both of these chemicals always end up in the product.

Always read the label on the products

Given the fact that it is not regulating CBD, most companies are labeling however they want. Be careful of products labeled as CBD because FDA is not very pleased about companies who prints CBD on the products. You find that most of the major brands don’t even print CBD anymore. Most products come with hemp extract labels.

Most Scandinavian countries have not legalized CBD, but those that have, have some very high quality products. Scandinavian hemp is one of the most organically grown, which means you can trust most of the products.