A guide to CBD Juul pods

By November 21, 2019CBD Information

No vaporizer has made more of an impact over the past few years than the Juul. This compact, slender and ergonomic device is the ultimate portable vape and is successfully satiating the needs of millions of nicotine users. And now, CBD users can get in on the act with CBD Juul pods.

First thing’s first: Juul aren’t actually making their own CBD pods. But other brands are manufacturing compatible pods to work with the Juul. Here are a few important things to know about these legal, hemp-based CBD products.

Different types of CBD Juul pods

Some companies make disposable pods, which come with the CBD already infused into the cartridge. These are ideal for vapers who just want to vape, with no frills or maintenance to worry about. Simply attach these pods to the Juul device and vape away!

Also growing in popularity are refillable pods. These empty cartridges can be filled with any e-liquid of your choice. You may want to vape just one e-liquid or combine multiple vape juices for better flavor or to get a mixture of effects (e.g. nicotine and CBD). For really strong relief, try dissolving highly potent CBD concentrate crystals into the e-liquid.

Why use CBD Juul pods

Vaping CBD with the Juul is all about convenience, efficiency, and stealth. This diminutive device is perfect for taking hits on the go, and you’ll be able to go under the radar when out in public since you won’t be blowing the huge clouds that come from larger portable vaporizers. Moreover, the Juul is charged via USB – keep a portable charger to hand, and you’ll never run dry!

CBD from vapor is taken into the body via the inhalation route of administration. This is the fastest intake method for any CBD products. Essentially, any condition with sharp and acute symptoms is best remedied by vaping. This includes anxiety and panic attacks, neuropathic pain, and perhaps insomnia.

Staying safe with Juul pods

Vaping has been in the news a lot in 2019, and sadly not for the right reasons. Serious vaping illnesses and even deaths have been reported, but critically, this has been linked to illegal THC cartridges containing vitamin E acetate, an ingredient that isn’t appropriate for vaping.

Staying safe with CBD vaping products is actually pretty easy, despite the industry being unregulated. Legitimate companies are fully transparent about their manufacturing processes, get their products tested by independent laboratories and then publish these reports for everyone to read. This third-party verification is vital, as it confirms products don’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients.

Final thoughts

The Juul has revolutionized nicotine vaping, and now CBD vapers can get on board, even though Juul themselves aren’t yet in the business of making CBD e-liquids.

The development of compatible CBD Juul pods shows the entrepreneurship of CBD businesses, which is no surprise in such a competitive industry. If you love the Juul and you love CBD, it’s simply a no-brainer to experiment with these pods.

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