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By September 23, 2019CBD Information

Organic farming is a method for growing cannabis and other plants without using any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Becoming certified as an “organic” farm by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a rigorous process. Only after passing through the process where the products are tested and the farm is inspected, can one gain USDA approval as organic. Then, the products can be labeled with the USDA Certified Organic Seal.

Organic Confusion

There is plenty of confusion in the marketplace about what it truly means to be organic. This is because the term is applied very differently in chemistry than in agriculture. This is also because shady marketers like to exploit the confusion and pretend that their products are the same as organic, when in fact they are not.

Organic Chemistry

In chemistry, organic simply means a compound contains carbon. Under that definition, petroleum is an organic compound because it is chocked full of carbon. When we burn oil or gas, we pollute the air. One substance that is increasing the problems with global warming is the CO2 in the emissions.

CO2 is carbon dioxide. CO2 is made up of one molecule of carbon and two molecules of oxygen. Under the definition of organic chemistry, CO2 is an organic compound.

This is understandable because plants need CO2 to live so in a way CO2 is very helpful. It is only when the balance of gases in our atmosphere is a mixture that retains so much heat to create too much of the “greenhouse effect” that we have such a global problem with climate change.

Organic Farming

In agriculture, organic means something very different than in chemistry. Many chemical fertilizers are derived from petroleum. Those chemical fertilizers cannot be used in organic farming.

Instead, organic farmers use natural fertilizers like manure and compost. It is desirable for an organic farmer to go “bat shit” crazy just a little because bat manure (guano), collected from the large caves where bats live, makes an excellent fertilizer. Natural compost makes a good fertilizer as well because as plants and other organic materials decay, they release nutrients that fertilize the soil.

If you think about it, vast forests grow up spontaneously in areas where the soil is naturally fertile. Nobody has to go out and use any fertilizers to make trees grow in these forests. The biodiversity of a robust forest takes care of itself if left alone and not harmed by fires.

Organic farming also means no use of chemical herbicides, like the potentially cancer-causing Roundup® made by Bayer-Monsanto and no use of chemical pesticides. After all, who wants those toxins in their lovely cannabis products? Nobody, who has any sense wants them.

All-Natural is Not the Same as Organic

One mischievous way marketers try to confuse consumers is by labeling their products as “all-natural.” They are hoping to benefit from the confusion that natural and organic are the same thing, which they are not.

Petroleum is natural. It comes from the ground. Arsenic is natural. It is found in almonds and it is a deadly poison. Just because something is labeled natural, does not necessarily mean it is safe.

Look for certified organic products instead, like organic cannabis oil from Lowell Farms.

Lowell Farms

Since 1909, when William “Bull” Lowell starting growing hemp on his farm located on the central coast of California, organic methods have been used to make organic hemp products and organic cannabis oil.

Bull Lowell was as stubborn as a bull. When they made growing hemp illegal in 1913, he continued to grow it and went to jail for it. Now, the prohibition is finally over. The tradition of enjoying cannabis once again lives on in his memory.

Eat, Smoke, Smile

Lowell Farms grows some of the finest cannabis buds in the world. Lowell Farms is certified organic. The farm sells many cannabis products online, including wonderful organic cannabis oil, which you can order for delivery.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you can enjoy organic cannabis products at the brand-new Lowell Café in West Hollywood. Have a meal, a cup of coffee, a cool drink, and a nice cannabis vape or a hand-rolled blunt. Relax with friends while you explain your new “organic” knowledge.

Drop-in or call 323.975.7676 for table reservations or use the convenient online reservation form.

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