The Kind Pen Vaporizers

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Kind Pen Vaporizers

The Kind Pen, a vape company based in New Jersey, has fast risen to become one of the most trusted brands in the world in regards to all things vaporizers. This is probably because the vaporizers manufactured by the company are innovative and use cutting edge delivery systems that are affordable. The products are not only alternatives for crude resin-filled pipes and bongs but also have a perfect balance of potency with discreet portability. Moreover, The Kind Pen provides the lifetime warranty for most of their vaporizers. It only takes five clicks and a deep breath for you to experience a whole new world.

The Kind Pen Products

  • Concentrate vape pens

Kind manufactures concentrate vape pens that range from $29 to $159 depending on the design and set up of the concentrate vapes. The concentrate vape pens can be used for either shatter, crumble, budder or wax. These concentrate vape pens have a number of benefits:

  • They provide increased potency. Concentrates have more active ingredients packed in a smaller amount that is used for vaping making them very powerful. 
  • They provide different flavors and consistency which beats dry herb vaping. You can even switch out of the flavors
  • They are quick and discreet. Wax pens produce inconspicuous, though not totally, vapor which does not stick on your clothes or cause your house to smell up.
  • They have a larger capacity battery and low battery consumption
  • They use clear atomizers or tanks which can be refilled instead of using one-off cartomizers
  • They are cost efficient since they can be used with cheap vape juice
  • They give You have the ability to regulate voltage and temperature to improve the overall vaping experience
  • They are very accessible and affordable

The Kind Pen concentrate vape pens include dab vaporizer pens and wax vaporizer pens. These pens are pretty much the same but the difference arises in the type of atomizer one chooses to use.

Some of the concentrate vapes sold by The Kind Pen include:

  • The Storm concentrate vapes available in green, silver, blue, gray, and black. They retail at $159.99
  • The v3 concentrate vapes available in blue, white, red, black, and silver which retail ate $99.99
  • The Dream concentrate vapes available in white/gold, black/gold, rose/gold, gold, silver, and gunmetal black which retail at $99.99
  • The v2 vapes available in blue, red, green, gray which retail at $59.99
  • Bullet vapes available in blue, red, gray, green, black, and white which retail at $49.99
  • v2.w vapes available in blue, red, green, white, gray, and black which retail at $39.99
  • Slim premium vapes available in gunmetal black, silver, blue, red, gray, and green which retail at $24.99
  • E-Liquid

The Kind Pen produces a number of e-liquids for vaping which vary in price. E-liquids of vape juices are made of 4 ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. The flavorings give different e-juices their distinct taste and smell. They vary from orange and chocolate to more exotic flavorings.

The most part of the e-liquid is made up of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which are odorless and tasteless liquids and are used as suspension liquids for nicotine and flavorings. Some of the e-liquids from The Kind Pen include:

  • Pure- E-liquids 
  • Mist- E-Liquids 
  • v2- Ground Material- E-Liquids
  • Discreet –E-Liquids
  • Ground material combustion

These include dry herb combustion starter kits where some vape pens can be used with waxy concentrates and liquids. The dry herb combustion starter kits come with everything you need for herbal and flower blends on the go.

The dry herb combustion starter kits available on include:

  • v2 kit available in blue, red, green, gray, black, white and retails at $59.99
  • EZ pipe kit available in yellow, mint green, green, gray, purple, pink, white, red, blue, black/silver and black which retail at $9.99
  • Ground material convection

These include types of dry herb vaporizers. Dry herb vaporizers eliminate combustion in that herbs are rapidly heated to a point where they release all their flavors and compounds 

Some of the ground material convection vaporizers available at include:

  • The TruVa dry herb vaporizers which is available in black and retails for $139.99
  • The Status vaporizer in black which retails at $119.99
  • The v3 vaporizer which is available in blue, white, red, black, silver and Orion and retails at $79.99
  • Oils and oil vaporizers

Oils and concentrates are good for vaporizing and it does not have to be marijuana-based oils. People can actually vape on essential oils since they have therapeutic and calming effects. Nevertheless, most of The Kind Pen oil vape pens are made for hemp and CBD oil in mind because these oils are used for medical purposes in some countries and states in the US, therefore, patients can legally acquire them for pain relief.

The Kind Pen oil vaporizers are made of three parts: the battery, tank and the mouthpiece. You place the oil in the tank which has a heating element made from a coil of various types. The coils heat up and then evaporates the oil in the tank.

You use the mouthpiece to draw vapor from the tank to your lungs. Mouthpieces come in various designs.

There are 3 different kinds of oil vaporizers:

  1. The ciga-like oil vaporizers: they look like cigarettes and have a small battery with a cartridge that contains the oil
  2. The vape pens or portable vaporizers: they are small, discreet and powerful
  3. Desktop oil vaporizers: they are big, bulky and less convenient

The different oil vaporizers sold by The Kind Pen include:

  • Pure  vaporizers which are available in green, blue, gray, white, and black and only retails for $49
  • Discreet oil vaporizers which are available in green, black, gray, blue, silver, and gold and retails at $39
  • Slim Oil Premium vaporizers available in gold, blue, gray, red, green, black, white and silver retailing at $29.99 and $19.99.
  • Dream vaporizers which were awarded the best vaporizer by HT magazine
  • Mist oil vaporizers available in green, black, gray, white, blue, and red which retail at $29.99

The Kind Pen is the one stop shop for everything vaporizers, vapes, and vaping-related products. Their products are of high quality to give you the best vaping experience.

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