Why Should You Choose Scandinavian CDB

By May 31, 2019CBD Information
Scandinavian CDB

Cannabis tends to be a complex plant that grows in various parts of the world. Actually, cannabis may be grown in almost any climate and a lot of people are growing it through indoor hydroponic technology. The cannabis plant gives birth to various cannabinoids with the most popular ones being cannabidiol or CBD, and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD has various benefits for various illnesses and conditions will THC is the culprit that gives the high effects.

There are different cannabis strains available and all of them have different characteristics depending on the extraction method. Cannabis is usually consumed in three different forms which are hashish, marijuana and hash oil. Marijuana is usually made from the dried flowers of the cannabis plant while hashish is made from the resin that is secreted by the plant. Hash oil is the most potent of the three and is usually made from hashish. All three products can be smoked.

There are two types of cannabis plants which are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The difference is in the physical characteristics. Cannabis indica is shorts with broad dark leaves with a very high concentration of cannabidiol. The sativa plants on the other hand have a higher concentration of THC. The sativa plant is taller with pale green leaves and is more used for recreational and not medicinal purposes.

Is cannabis legal in Scandinavia?

The legality of this is the for recreational or medicinal use depends highly on country-to-country. it is illegal in most countries and possession can lead to punishment by law. It is legal to grow in certain countries and it produces some of the best Scandinavian CBD in the world. Marijuana is completely forbidden and Sweden for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Very few people are allowed to use it to be necessary for the medical conditions. However, companies like The Apoteum Company have high quality Scandinavian CBD products.

Why would such an incredible not be legalized?

For the simple fact that it was erroneously confused with marijuana. Hemp and marijuana come from the same genus family and they’re quite similar in a lot of ways. However, the major difference between the mess that marijuana contains a higher concentration of THC while hemp contains very little of it. THC is the intoxicant found in marijuana. Most policymakers believed that if they legalized hemp they would be legalizing marijuana as well.

Marijuana and industrial hemp are two different breeds of the cannabis sativa because hemp does not contain any recreational drug components. If a person smokes the hemp flower, the only thing they would achieve is a significant headache but not exactly a high euphoric feeling.

What effects can you expect from CBD?

Again, this will highly depend on you as a person and the condition you’re treating. Overall, most people get a calm and relaxing effect. Some people may experience a few side effects such as fatigue and insomnia. However, most people don’t experience these side effects.

Look for CO2 extracted products

The extraction method of the CBD is also very important and CO2 is the best because it is non-toxic. The alternatives are ethanol-based and butane-based extractions. Both of these chemicals always end up in the product.

Always read the label on the products

Given the fact that it is not regulating CBD, most companies are labeling however they want. Be careful of products labeled as CBD because FDA is not very pleased about companies who prints CBD on the products. You find that most of the major brands don’t even print CBD anymore. Most products come with hemp extract labels.

Most Scandinavian countries have not legalized CBD, but those that have, have some very high quality products. Scandinavian hemp is one of the most organically grown, which means you can trust most of the products.


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