Ideas on How to Take Care of the Marijuana Seedlings

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Marijuana Seedlings

If you have been growing marijuana for a while, you definitely know that the seedlings need more attention so that they can grow better generally. Well, for newbies, you might make mistakes at first, but you should be able to learn quickly about how to keep the marijuana seedlings from dying that easily.

It is possible to get multiple YouTube videos, forums, and blogs that talk about marijuana plant maintenance. The quality of CBD and THC amount of your plant can be improve with a good plant maintenance.. Therefore, you might want to take your time to go through various tutorials to learn more about caring for marijuana seedlings. Nevertheless, we have summarized some of the important care tips you might want to keep in mind always. Sensi CBD products are a great example of marijuana products that can come in our help.

Get containers of the right size

First of all, you have to consider getting the right size and type of container for growing your marijuana seedlings. The container should be in a position to accommodate the seedling even as it grows. It is often not recommended to keep changing marijuana from one container to another.

Well, there are many stores available which will have many types of marijuana grow containers. Compare the various options and get the right one for your marijuana strain.

You can also find some of the marijuana growers opting for a propagator. This is where it is able to deliver on the best environment for your young seedlings to thrive better. Well, your cannabis seedlings definitely need to have the best environment where most of the factors remain constant. We are talking of the temperature, overall airflow, and even humidity.

If there are alterations to be made, then they have to be done gradually. This helps with eliminating the case of shock in the plant.

With the right container size and conditions, you will not even have to change the container until you harvest the plant.

Planting of the marijuana seedlings

Still as part of taking care of the seedlings, you also have to look at the way you plant the seedlings. This is because the seedlings are often delicate. This calls for you to be more careful on how you get to handle the transplanting process. You also have to choose the right medium so as to avoid stress the plants.

In most cases, it is recommended that you make a hole for planting with a pencil. Cover the newly planted seedling with the right amount of oil. Make sure to water also correctly for the new plant to grow better.

Deliver on the recommended amount of grow light to the seedlings

Well, once the seedlings have been planted, you need to offer the right light amount for them to grow well. But there are many light types, which one is the best? Seedlings use a minimal amount of light. As a result, you might want to get yourself some LED lights, or fluorescents. Do not use the incandescent bulbs as they tend to emit too much heat that might not be good for the young seedlings.

With time, the seedlings will grow stronger so that they will even need more light of around 18 hours a day. Make sure not to introduce this kind of lighting schedule when they are still too young.

It is also crucial that you position the light well so that the light can reach all the seedlings. Without a proper location, you can find the seeds will tend to grow towards the light leading to bending.

Feeding and watering of the plants

It is often not recommended to add fertilizer for the seedlings unless it is a soilless environment where you are growing the seedlings. Another thing is that you have to come up with a watering schedule. It is recommended that you have to water twice a day during the first days of transplanting. This frequency can also depend on the temperature and humidity level in the grow room.

As for the watering process, you have to do it just a few inches at the base of the transplanted seedlings. You do not do it directly as the seedlings are not yet ready so it might even lead to some damage.

Transplanting should be done with care

The transplanting process generally has to be done with care. You do not want to end up with the seedlings that cannot grow or broken because the transplant process was not good. Take your time with the transplant process just to make sure it can yield into good seedlings in the end.


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