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By July 20, 2018CBD Information
scientific proof cbd oil

If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle and unconventional methods of treatment, you have certainly heard about how much good medicine and supplements with CBD oil can bring. However, it is worth knowing what the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of this drug is!

Cancer research

The material provides evidence that cannabinoids contained in medical marijuana slow down the development of cancer, inhibit the formation of new cancer cells, destroy cancer cells and help relieve pain, fatigue, nausea and other undesirable effects of cancer. Cristina Sanchez, a young biologist at the Complutense University of Madrid, has been researching cellular metabolism for a long time. She examined brain cancer cells because they grow faster than normal cell lines and are therefore useful for research purposes. Cancer cells died every time they were exposed to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Through insight into the cell’s functioning, Sanchez stumbled upon the anti-tumor properties of THC. In 1998, in a report in the journal European Journal of Biochemistry, she published a report that states that THC “causes the death of C6 glioma cells”, a malignant form of brain cancer.

CBD oils for patients with epilepsy

Patients with refractory epilepsy often unsuccessfully try to control seizures with various drugs (from 3 to 5 or more antiepileptic drugs and steroids), and also undertake other treatments, such as ketogenic diet, vagus stimulation, and even surgery. Patients often have side effects to these treatments in addition to the damage caused by the underlying disease. This means that a significant proportion of patients with epilepsy do not show a satisfactory therapeutic response, and some have to face up to 100 hundred epileptic attacks every day. Many such people never reach adulthood. The use of hemp  in the treatment of seizures – one of the clinical forms of epilepsy – has been documented in the history of medicine. CBD oils in the treatment of epilepsy is becoming more and more common. Doctors also receive numerous signals of significant improvement in various unclassified epilepsy types that are difficult to control, for example in patients with Dravet syndrome. This does not mean that CBD does not have side effects, but they are mild to moderate and decrease rapidly with dose changes or discontinuation of treatment.

CBD and anxiety and other mental health problems

The stress reaction has the same mechanism in all mammals, said study in mice conducted in 2013 by Spanish scientists will help us at least understand how the CBD could interact in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of anxiety disorders can be based on two mechanisms. First, as in the case of pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders through the use of selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), CBD helps fight depression by increasing the amount of serotonin available. More specifically, cannabidiol is a 5-HT1A receptor agonist – a serotonin receptor subtype – enhances serotonin flow through it, and even more so than the classical pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders based on SSRIs. During a certain study in humans, a group of twenty-four patients were administered up to 600mg CBD prior to a public appearance. The vast majority of patients reported a reduction in subjectively felt tension, these impressions were confirmed by objective indicators such as pulse, pressure or sweating. CBD also helps with depression. People suffering from depression and using CBD highly appreciate this treatment. In many cases, the symptoms of the disease disappear completely, but there are no side effects such as the use of antidepressants (paleness, health effects, addictions).

CBD oil has a chance to be not only one of the so-called superfoods, but it is also the hope of medicine. Scientific studies show that he can relieve many diseases. Let’s hope it will become as popular as it deserves! You can read more about CBD at Bionativa

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