The Role Of Cannabidiol To The Human Body

By May 10, 2018CBD Information

Cannabidiol known as CBD is an extract from cannabis plant which does not have any psychoactive ingredient which tends to make people have an exciting or stoned feeling. CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol THC which is the ingredient that causes a stoned or exciting feeling on individuals.

Cannabidiol as have been researched is safe and have been disclose to relieve the pain of patients who suffers from inflammation, chronic pain, epilepsy, nausea, vomiting, glaucoma, Alzheimer and cancer.

Research have also shown that CBD is very beneficial and can help in food supplement as it is extracted from hemp which is highly filled with vitamins and other ingredients that are very therapeutic and highly nutritional to the human health.

CBD has played a very important role in the food and beverage industry as it keeps being imbibed in the foods made due to its high nutrient and the benefits it gives to the body. People now go for products which have elements of CBD in them when they go grocery shopping and this has increased the number of CBD products made in the country so far. CBD products are available in market and stores either in capsules, liquid, lip balms and others. It is necessity for most homes.

What role can CBD play in the lives of the victims struck with these ailments mentioned above?

  • CBD helps in treating cancer patients; Cannabidiol poses a threat to the cells that produces cancer. Since the CBD has a little THC, it connects to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on the cancer cell which induces an increase in ceramide synthesis that leads to the cell death because a normal cell does not produce ceramide when it is near THC. So the presence of ceramde leaves no possibility of cancer survival in the body because it causes a genotoxic stress in the cancer cell that generates a protein called p53 which disrupts the calcium metabolism and also the cell’s digestive system that produces nutrients for all cell function and actively inhibits pro-survival pathways. So, the accumulation of ceramide in the body kills cancer so by taking any amount of CBD and THC at a steady rate, the cancer cells will be stampled on.
  • CBD helps in relieving pain and inflammation; Cannabidiol has been said to be pain reliever. Research have shown that taking CBD helps in relieving chronic pain and inflammation on patients. Te CBD interacts with the receptors in our brains which are proteins on our cells that receives signals from stimuli and help these cells to respond. So, it relieves the pain that patients suffer by coming in contact with the receptors of their brain.
  • It reduces anxiety in patients; Most patients are known to have anxiety disorder. They find it hard to approach or address something crucial without getting a social anxiety disorder. This anxiety may also be caused by stress, a work or home situation and any other thing. Research have shown that CBD tends to help patients who are faced with this kind of trauma because it makes them relax, become less alert and even perform better in speech for people who have speech defect.
  • Treats acne; CBD can be used to treat acne as it also has an effect on the receptors of the immune system so it helps in reducing the inflammation in the body. Its oil regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands which is the only oily substance that hydrates the skin. The high production of this oil can lead to acne. Since CBD regulates sebum production, it has the potential to also treat acne but it is advisable to contact a dermatologist to know the nature of your skin before using CBD for acne.
  • Helps in treating nausea; CBD acts as a treatment for nausea. It has compounds which helps in controlling nausea and vomiting. So as a treatment, CBD should be taken in low doses so it stops the nausea because it might increase nausea if taken in excess so getting the right dosage is important.

CBD is gotten from the same plant as cannabis, it has a low THC and does not leave one with a high excited feeling and it also helps in treating these ailments mentioned above.

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