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By April 22, 2018CBD Information

It has been intimated that Cannabidiol otherwise known as CBD  is a medicinal and therapeutic drugs used to cure many deadly diseases. CBD is a compound which is derived from the plant cannabis. Cannabis better known as marijuana and CBD is gotten from same plant but while marijuana has a high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabidiol THC, CBD has a lower concentration of it, this leaves it medicinal while marijuana is dangerous to the health of people.

Drugs which has CBD is now recommended because of its low THC and natural resources which makes it very alluring and healthy for the body and this is why medical doctors have advised that CBD should be added to the food of a sick person or can be taken in capsules, tablets and any other form it comes with.

Research have shown that CBD works for people with these deadly diseases like cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and others as it reduces the pain which they feel and counters the side effect of the drugs taken.

What people have to say about CBD oil         

More people have come out to testify on the benefits of CBD oil.  A Facebook user have this to say; I have been looking for an alternative to help my son with Attention-deficit/hyperactive Disorder ADHD when a friend of mine recommended CBD oil. I was skeptical about usage and watched my friend use it on her child who suffers from same ailment as my son. I thought to myself, if this works for her, it can surely work for me. I did my own research and found the information on CBD and went to purchase it at a store but the store attendant was not nice at all, so could not explain or take the questions I had.

I decided to let it go but about 6 months postpartum, I cried for a week and suddenly knew that something was not right. I called my mother-in-law who was closest to me, she minded my kids while i spoke with my doctor. I have been on CBD oil since then and have become happy. There is no anxiety anymore and i do not have to put on a fake smiling face.

My son who suffers from ADHD was placed also on CBD oil for two and a half month and he is quite a different person now. There is no hurried phone call and since he’s on break, we took him off his medication and he has gone to school for two days now without any outcry from teachers and minders.’

Another woman have this to say ‘ have been battling with anxiety for over 20 years. Was placed on anti depressant drugs like Paxil, Venlaflaxin, Ativan, e.t.c. but still it did not work, instead I was going overboard every time. I waited to feel better like I used to before the attacks but that day never came. The incident that broke the camel’s back was when I lost a great job for frequently coming late and this was because I always had an anxiety attack on my way to work. Subsequently, my relationship of 16 year came to an end, I was lost at what to do, I was 36 without any job, no relationship and needed to put my life right together.

That relief came when a friend of mine who own a dispensary sent me a birthday gift of CBD oil, that changed my life. I started taking it and started feeling better daily. After one month, i went to see my doctor and told him to take me off the zombie drugs and he did. After four months, I was off the medication and felt alive again.

I have been on CBD oil for two and a half years now and have never regretted using it. So I will advise anyone who is suffering from related ailment to try CBD oil as it has 0.03% THC for people who are scared of THC. It will leave you feeling alive and it’s devoid of any pain.’

CBD oil have become one of the sought after products because of its immense ways of shrinking pain and making one feel alive again. CBD oil has a high quality and it is affordable at every pharmaceutical store. It is the best option for people trying to escape cannabis as it contains low THC.

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